How A Good Website Will Tremendously Impact your Business (In a good way)

Are you thinking of getting a new site? Or perhaps you’re considering redoing your current site because you think you’ve outgrown it? Might it be the fact that every time someone asks for your website, you wish you could evaporate because your site doesn’t reflect the quality and heart you pour into your work, not to talk about all the experience you’ve had?

Or you’ve just not seen any real value in your site and are beginning to wonder if a website is truly necessary for your business, or if it’s just the cherry on top of your ice cream?


In this post, I’m going to tell you all about how having a strategic, clean and professional website has impacted my business and how it can impact yours.

So really, how does a website make a difference for your business? In case you haven’t already noticed, the online world is taking over the real one. It is estimated that by 2020 about 95% of the world will be online. Technology is taking over and if you plan on being an international business owner, a website is a must. People need a representative of you. A virtual way to judge your legitimacy for themselves because most of the time, they can’t meet you in person. A website is no longer an option, you see, it’s a necessity.


A website will save you a lot of time. We know that time is money so we must always aim at maximizing the amount of time we have in order to acquire maximum profits.

As a  business owner, most of your energy and time should be channeled into your products, your people, and your well being. Anything that will reduce the time allocated for that should be seriously reconsidered.

  1. A good website will be the headquarters of your brand.

Quick question. When you want to work with a business that’s quite new to you, where do you start? 

You Google them? Check out their website? Find a way to connect with them? Try to see if they’re legitimate? 

Me too! 

Actually, almost everyone does these days.

As visual beings, we start to trust someone or their company after we see what they can do. And what better way to start than checking out their website? And if something seems shady about their website, even if they are legit, we run. Better safe than sorry, right? 

But if we resonate with their design, get impressed by how professional and clean their site is, we’d like to sign up for their freebies and get a better feel of them. Before long, we become their biggest fans and if their content is as amazing as we believed it would be, Boom! we’re spraying our hard-earned money on their work, because well, they’ve proved themselves worthy of it., Haven’t they? 

Though this may take a while, the website is where it all begins, and in many situations, it seals the deal in our minds. Whether or not we are aware of it. Sometimes we don’t even bookmark their site. Who needs a bookmark when they’ve already made their mark and their site name is etched deep in our minds. It is the same for your business. 

A website that is strategically and properly designed will establish you as the authority that you are, show your care and attention to detail, the results you can get for clients, and make your brand stand out.

2. A Good Site will tell you what’s working, who’s coming and where they’re coming from.

If you’ve been on the blog for two seconds then you totally know that I’m against websites and brands that just sit there and look pretty. Like, why do we spend all this money for you to stare us down doing nothing? Brand and websites shouldn’t just be pretty, they should be powerful and an essential component of your marketing and communication strategy. A good website will help you track and understand the activity of your audience. What they’re responding to more, what they seem to be sharing more, where they come from etc.All that information is really powerful because it can let you know if your copy/ marketing strategies are working, if you need to put your opt-ins and call to actions in different places, where your audience is hanging out, which platform you need to work on and what platforms you should probably steer clear of. Less guesswork, more informed decisions on your marketing strategy because every business is unique and no cookie-cutter course or approach will give exactly what you need to know.  

3. A Good Website has all the information your client needs to know about your product or service.

Now, you can joyfully be productive during the time you would usually spend in back-and-forth emails explaining which of your products or services are suitable for which client. You eliminate emails and messages asking how much you charge, what your process is like, what your available times are etc. Your website will be there to answer the fundamental questions of your potential clients even when you’re not available. Do you have questions that you keep getting? Your website allows you to answer them in a FAQ section or blog post. Do you need to direct your audience to your content all over the internet? Your website can do that without you having to repeat yourself. Watch this. 

What do you do? 

I’m a brand stylist and website designer. My site is You can check out all my available design packages there. 

A person goes to the site, loves the post, checks out other posts, decides to join the community or work with me, and all without me doing a lot of actual talking. See?

4. Good website will build your list.

A good website is structured, written and designed to tell people, “Hey, this is my business. I can help with this and that problem and that’s why I am the best option for you. Let’s connect!” And it succeeds in getting visitors to say “You don’t have to tell me twice!” without any extra effort from the business owner. It delivers an incredible sales pitch and represents the business 24/7. It has call to actions and opt-in the right places, because the design and business owner understand that the website mostly serves as the beginning of the “know-like-trust” factor, that get an audience from being site visitors to salespeople.

5. A Good website will make it easier for you to be contacted and booked.

A characteristic of a good website is good functionality. A good website should make it easy for your clients to contact you without them having a problem with what to say and how to go about it. If they have to go to their email in order to make an inquiry, you’re leaving major money on the table. The moment they leave your site, the probability of them not returning increases- exponentially. 

With all the distractions in today’s world, you don’t want to give them a lot of thinking and decision-making exercises to do. If your business model demands that they reach you, book a call and or pay you, a good website will save them, and you, a lot of time. It will also make you come across as professional, organized and legitimate by allowing them to do so in a few clicks.

6. A good website will give you the freedom of marketing and communication social media will not give you.

Uh, I hate to break it to you but if you’re just sticking to a facebook/ Instagram profile and hoping that you’ll be bringing in the money consistently, that’s not a sustainable business plan. What happens when Instagram just goes off. Or changes major policies that affect business. Remember when Instagram was down in July 2019? Imagine they stayed down for a week and you had no way of contacting or reaching your followers because the truth is, you don’t own the access to them like you would if you had an email list. If your mailing platform just goes down, you carry your list and walk over to another one. You’re not also limited by all the things Instagram or that platform says you can or cannot do. Also, you’re not as searchable as you think without a good website and proper search engine optimization strategies in place. You’re not just going to pop on google because you’re on twitter, much less in the right fashion. Am I against social media. I’d be absolutely ignorant to be, but social media without a blog/website backup plan, that suicidal.

What? You need an expert to get a good Website up for you asap? 

I’m way ahead of you!


So, if you’re running a profitable business or one that you would like to be profitable, do you need more convincing about how incredibly important a list of customers and prospective clients is to your business? Great!

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